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The Visual Kontakt gallery, located in Cluj Napoca’s 41 Traian Moșoiu Street, is an exhibition space coordinated by a team of artists and curators. The artistic projects and the residencies are carried out in accordance of a pre-established curatorial plan. For the individual and joint projects selected, the gallery can provide the following: workshop, accommodation, technical support. A funding is added based on a budget calculated depending on the specific features of each project. In exchange for the support offered, the Visual Kontakt gallery reserves the rights of ownership over a part of the project, based on a contract drawn up and agreed to by the artist (or artists) before setting up the exhibition.

Visual Kontakt Laboratory, located in Oradea, No.47 Republicii St. is a space for curatorial projects carried out under the direct leadership of the curatorial Visual Kontakt team. Participation in the Laboratory projects occurs only by direct invitation and collaboration is guided by the curatorial reasons of the project. Visual Kontakt Laboratory main concern are social art projects or analyzing conceptual and aesthetic cultural phenomena/political/social environment native to Eastern Europe or the European Union, as appropriate.


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