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We want to propose an exhibition between shadow and light, between paper and metal.

Matilde processes and I paper. The link between these materials is light that reveals the paper’s different degrees of opacity. The volumes and workmanship outline shadows and animate objects.

This project is our first collaboration. How do these opposite materials meet: flexibility and stiffness, mat and transparent, robust and fragile, heavy and light, mass and fiber? Will these inherent qualities exhibit the same within this combination? How will they meet and unite; This is the object of our research.

First, we present individual works. Then, the metal becomes an indispensable support for paper cutting. It is the beginning of a first meeting.

We achieve this joint exploration in order to create a correspondence, a resonance between two different languages. Our research also tackles the communication between two characters, the absence of communication, the unrestrained will of opening towards the other; it questions duality, shadow and light, emptiness and matter, masculine and feminine.

Over ten backlit white paper will be exposed in the dark rooms. Mathilde’s sculptures will be delimited and enlightened at the same time by the shadows created through cutting and projected on them. I would also like to project an animation made from templates in order to show the public the process of making a paper cutting. We want to offer the viewer a mysterious atmosphere.