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The exhibition ensemble comprises concepts derived from the provincial, local aspect of the territories in which the contemporary artists were born, currently live or carry out their activity. Made up of four artistic projects and a curatorial project, Local Municipalities is developed autonomously – but in a complementary manner in what regards its aesthetic and conceptual approach.

The personal artistic projects are concretizations of proposals that the Visual Kontakt gallery selected from amongst its collaborating artists. These were outlined in the context of studying certain preferred themes of the artists in depth but also out of the desire to create – in a durable way – bridges between them, their contexts of artistic and curatorial production and their conceptual affinities, in the hope of concretizing future collective and personal projects.

The current project unveils the framework topic of interest proposed by the Visual Kontakt gallery: sketching out a Laboratory space in which the main activity is connected to the process of creation, as well as to the process of exhibiting and collecting artistic objects. The unfolding – in the virtual space, as well as in the exhibition space – of an active platform that is permanently updated brings together curators and artists from several visual-artistic contexts, without leaving out the nuances of a traditional character or the accents of aesthetic, political or social nature that transpire from the present approaches.

Local Municipalities is a continuous process and the present exhibition offers the context for sanctioning a bond that the visual medium offers to subjective interpretations. The projects undergo a rigour of assembling that is specific to the gallery space, having in common the confrontation with a general status quo on a local level, as well as the merger with locative peripheries, spaces in relation to which the artist feels connected to or estranged from.

The nostalgic atmosphere, the anguish or the recreational state, the boredom or the critical attitude regarding the original spaces of the subjects represent trials that are conveyed by means of photography, illustration, sculpture, installation or ready-made works. These approaches convey the pulse of certain communities objectively and, in the same time, succeed in mirroring states of mind expressed through the voices of creative individualities. The Green Tree is a project coagulating the entire ensemble because it contains pieces of provincial stories that have morphed into the production of a “tailored” harvest – fruit of a dead tree, a symbol of oblivion. Public Figure represents – from different perspectives – an appeal to the collective memory, as a factor of action upon space, as well as a force of capturing and processing symbols and objects represented in the space-time coordinate. Perifeeric is a personal interpretation of self-awareness and rediscovery of oneself in an intimate atmosphere that does not belong to itself anymore and is not recognized as such anymore. The public and private space interfere in this project, and – in what regards Consortium –  the aesthetic nature of the object and its presentation symbolically place the human destiny in the area of institutional responsibilities.

The curatorial segment, part of the Local Municipalities ensemble, has the same title and represents a pilot-project for collecting the creative activities and relating these to the audience. It brings together artists and curators that share their propositions, ideas, particular and overall visions, as the result of their relation to their place of origin. These mini-projects are relevant as concepts and are valuable for the potential of taking form in diverse contexts. The similarities, as well as the differences that are connected to the link between man and society are notable: we speak of a book that will remain open as long as it is confronted with the action of reconsidering its own values and their relevance in a global cultural ensemble.


Olimpia Bera, PhD

Visual Kontakt