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This project started due to a personal cosolidation of the society we are living in. Beginning with disgust, revolt, indignation and eventually detachment and indifference, society has finally achieved to make me feel something: it got to amuse me. Multifunctional culture is a funny (and interactive) criticism addressed to it. Starting with an enumeration of suggestions coming from wikipedia updates, live facebook, clear examples of human evolution, and reaching multifunctional paintings and other useful things, I will try to take you to the universe of this cheerfulness.

I will summarise every series of works, but you are going to find everything fully described at the exhibition, including instructions. (If everything we can see and implicitly buy is accompanied by a technical manual, why would art act differently? Thus, it becomes decipherable and understood by everyone).

Suggestion #1- Multifunctional paintings: we are living in a world where everything (that is being consumed) started with 2 in 1, 3 in 1… and it became multifunctional. We cannot afford to have one object for every need. Say a phone which initially had the role to receive and help us make phonecalls got to have numerous collateral functions (camera, compass, GPS and other useful things) which eventually became indispensable. Because having a mobile phone that does not comprise these functions is uncool nowadays… Likewise, painting needs to be updated as well. It could be the counter process of ready-made. If an object can become art, than the vice versa process can be possible as well.

Suggestion #2- facebook and fast culture: If you do not have a facebook account at home you can discover it live in room number two along with Lucian Rad (actor). If you have a facebook account… it will be like an ordinary day. Fast culture focuses on instructing the masses. Once the object becomes multifunctional, the human becomes univalent. Human beings have much information belonging to various areas, but this amount of information becomes more and more succinct. Although we have greater possibilities (technically speaking) we are simplifying everything we do (e.g.: architecture). A few years ago, if we wanted to find out something, we would read books, now we have wikipedia. We are becoming busier and busier and we do not have time to consolidate an area (apart from the one through which we attend to the system). The Google search will become more and more difficult. Thus, I suggest a reabbreviation of the abbreviation.

Suggestion #3- In case of emergency break glass: young people nowadays have such a vast offer when it comes to wasting their time- video games, handheld video games, wi-fi handheld video games, computers having games (and other useful things), mobile phones having games (and other useful things), iPods and so on… when would they have time to be creative?

Other suggestions: potraits at request, about critics bla, art makes you (look) beautiful, it makes you rich and other slogans… but you are going to see all these on the spot.