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Creation is a game, it does not matter what you ”produce”; as long as you are in the process, you belong to a miracle- I am saying this without using any clichés. Because every living being plays at the beginning, then he learns and thinks, hopes and loses, then he gets up again, but meanwhile, when he forgets about his problems, he truly lives.

These figures were born spontaneously. Beyond personal impressions, they represent characters, everyday events, they are both sad and happy, they fight and calm down. They already have an ”age”, they have memories, and they always have a present, because today becomes tomorrow, the present turns into future, but they are in love with the moment.

Their first ”escape” into space, into a playground where we walk as well, where we can play with them, where we can instill the moment, because who knows when they are going to consider that the infinity of space makes them vulnerable… A beloved microcosm. It looks like a large scenery, where they are the protagonists, while we are the audience… This can be noticed for the first time…

Then everything becomes quiet, because the horse-dog allows you to sit on him, the flying pig is digging quietly, the flies are flying throughout the summer evening, a UFO is waiting in front… Maybe he is waiting for you…

This is the playground, its ours… We are sitting on the grass, looking at the clouds, bathing in the happiness of the present, the horse-dog, the flying pig… and us.

Then we enter another space, where we go further to a natural space, the clouds are resting in the reddish tranquility, the horse-dog, the piglets, the flies are shining in a jolly chase.