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According to the Romanian dictionary, directing is the “outlook of the stage interpretation of a dramatic text, a script or a libretto destined to become the show; directing the actors’ roles and setting the stage for the theater play,cinema or opera play”. we got used to idea that the director rehearses with theatre ensemble. the town would like to know more, for example to ask questions. can a play be directed outside the theatre? in drawing? and if it is possible? With who does a director that does not need actors work? and if it were more directors? and if they would not know each other?

These are questions that bother me, and the town is an attempt to find answers. we know a great deal about the art of acting, but we have to imagine director’s art, the images that come to our mind are less spectacular. when players are bored, they improvise, make nonsense, they  mimic each other, just for fun. This can also be done by directors. and in this way theatre directing appears to us in a way that we would have never suspected. today in design and in constructions.

There are two countries that have marked my life. The first one is Romania, where I was born and raised. the second one is Germany, where I studied and found my direction. they are two completely different worlds, with people who have desires, hopes, fears and different skills. I sit between them together with the town they built. my work is a gift made with gratitude to both countries.