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The project includes 5 pieces of work in acrylic on canvas, size 100 cm x 130 cm. the visitors will also be part of the project. they will each receive a bat similar to those handled by the ‘liberators’ miners. in one way or another the participation to history is necessary and inevitable.

As a witness to the contemporary world through the every-day Internet, returning to a distant event of the present childhood has shocked me. the Romanian uprising of 1989, in a period of disarticulation of  totalitarianism, has had its extensions. the miners’ rebellions from 1990 and 1991 demonstrate the game of power, the meanness of manipulation and  mankind’s errors. the project is a rewriting of the history experienced by me during the childhood years, but being felt subjective and emotive only now . the

history is retold with recurring tools of the world, such as the cop, the miner, the hooligan, the housewife. there is a piece of work that even restores the same scenery, the same winner’s attitude from eisenstaedt’s photo, but there are other characters: the miner and the housewife. sarcasm is obvious.

Another piece of work presents the supreme leader sitting on his golden throne, with an attitude of defiance, an actor of the great circus that is represented by history. the games of power are indecipherable to the less vigilant eyes.

The work that presents the cop and the miner in a false confrontation actually hides a game of these pawns, which is driven and determined by power. their fight is a game of “balls” that strike the vacuum between them symbolically filled with “hooligans”.

In the corner of another canvas inactively stands a cop who takes part in clashes, and who devotedly listens to the power’s incoherent speeches coming out of the radio that he holds on his back. he does not hold it in this way in order to hide it, but to strengthen through his body position his authority and to impose respect.

Another piece of work is a metaphor for the re-education of youth by appealing to “housewives”.

The project should be understood as a metaphor and not just as an attack on a certain representative of power or a certain social class. the events from 1990 and 1991 are just wrappers of a constantly active content of the world’s history.