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The painting of Pavel Grosu is an organic investigation of a recognizable reality in which the pictorial matter is subordinated to a dominantly figurative universe. The world of forms that the artist explores is extremely versatile in what concerns its plasticity, as it is inspired by the collage as technique for organizing the surfaces. The figurative exists alongside the abstract in a relationship of complementarity and the nonfigurative elements function as emergence points of the constituent forms in the world imagined by the artist.
In his works, the painter operates with the concept of exformation, juggling with the visual information that is known as well as unknown to the beholder. He invites the audience to imagine possible configurations, starting from nonfigurative areas and arriving to an interpreted figurative. The interventions of an abstract – almost graphic – nature become cells, i.e. elements that suggest a symbol of the beginning, within the pictorial compositions which develop towards an imaginary universe that focuses on the human body and the universe which it inhabits. These cellular configurations do not have a decorative character but are spatialized and gain depth – much like the black holes of the cosmos. The pictorial and graphic universe of the artist takes the beholder from microcosm to macrocosm through compositions that explore the breakdown of the form and the juxtaposition of planes much like in the technique of the collage.
The paintings of Pavel Grosu are sensitive due to their chromatics and the subtlety of how the surfaces are placed. They are accompanied by the force of expression revealed through pictorial gestures and brush strokes. The quality of the image in detaching itself from the collage technique – characterized by fragmentation in the grouping of elements – and in coagulating as a painting without decorative nuances or an artificial combination of levelled and vibrated blots offers authenticity and force to the artistic endeavour.
The means of visual and conceptual reception which the painter opens up to the interpretation of his paintings come from experimenting with elements of reality. These are reconfigured in the plastic space, with a starting point in the concept of emergence of form and idea. The artist explores a universe of sensitivities by means of a strong painting, made out vigorously, unveiling a sense of life and of the visceral in its chromatic expression.

Ada Muntean PhD Candidate
Visual Kontakt curator