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The new project envisioned by the Visual Kontakt Gallery, Bad Colours, focuses on a hot subject of contemporary Romanian society, i.e. the homophobic phenomenon, spread out in all social categories of this nation.

In a traditionalist society as is the Romanian one, with a history of a spiritual-Orthodox character behind it, it is extremely difficult to accept and assimilate the phenomenon of emancipation of the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) community and of its specific manifestations. Thus, conflicts have been reached, as in the incident at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, where tensions of moralistic-religious nature surfaced in the context of an event meant to celebrate this community. The absurdity of the manifestation and the primitive manner of approach to a sexual minority have generated the idea based on which the project Bad Colours of the Visual Kontakt Gallery came to life.

The project creates a visual and conceptual “staging” in an ironic and even parodied manner of a homophobic festival, set in a vast exhibition space. The exhibition is a complex installation, harmonized in the smallest details, of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works which convey harsh realities connected to collective mentalities, which are looked at with a satirical eye.

Bad Colours sets out to provoke and question a contemporary reality and mentality through specific artistic means, inciting the beholder and offering him/her a visually shocking and outrageous path to take, meant to analyze and individualize this specific contemporary reality.


Ada Muntean

Visual Kontakt Gallery Curator