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Samizdat Magazine June 2014

Samizdat is a cultural magazine which appears periodically and strives – through a thematic unity, which is particular in its spectrum of concern – to take an X-ray of certain subjects with real social, moral and cultural implications. The starting point is always the present, as it is of course a mere coordinate between past and future. This aspect is reflected in the thematic conception of the articles that make up the magazine and which are born out of the reflections of the Visual Kontakt Laboratory, an exhibition space meant for artistic projects that are complex – in what regards their conceptuality, as well as their role as visual means. The themes that give life to the projects of the Laboratory represent the same generator of reflection for the Samizdat magazine, but the tone of interpreting and extrapolating becomes different through the individuality of each Samizdat collaborator.

The concept of the present edition rests on the project of the Visual Kontakt Laboratory, Orthodox is Better, an exhibition conceived in a satirical tone, which criticizes the institution of the Romanian Orthodox Church and its specific mode of functioning through specific means – conceptual and visual.

Foreword – Ada Muntean

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