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Mr Lascu

Since 2015, councilman Lascu has attempted to create a hallmark to distinguish himself as a politician for the upcoming election year. His focus fell on the issue of street art and graffiti vandalism – in a highly promoted media stunt, he even offered his salary as bounty for the head of the responsible graffers.
In 2016, Mr Lascu passed a contoversial bill to organize a publicly funded graffiti contest, with a 10 000 lei reward (roughly 2500 euros, a large sum for Romanian standards), with themes dictated and juried by himself, as an alternative to ”street vandalism”. 
Sensing the bogus nature of this proposal, the Author offered to have the Visual Kontakt Galleries pay for and coordinate the entire project, sparing city hall the aforementioned sum, in an attempt to call Mr Lascu`s bluff. This was meant to lure Mr Lascu in the same room with the Author and to provoke the politician. As expected, Mr Lascu made curious statements, among which he threatened to have Muian destroyed should the gallery not back down from its public offer. One week late, the Author published an attack, revealing the full discussion, as bait for a political reaction from Mr Lascu. The councilman took action and, days before the electoral campaign, announced he would to personally remove Muian graffiti from buildings. In so doing, Mr Lascu made Muian part of his campaign and gave it just cause for this exhibition.