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I have dedicated much of my time to the study of shapes and to the investigation of some relationships between shape and material, but with limited success. Instead a new reality was revealed to me which was unknown until the genesis experiment.


The study of reality and the imitation that were inoculated to me during my university training were the strongest point and at the same time the fundamental motivation for these pieces of work. if imitation required more from me, then I tried to represent even more. if exigence asked from me something real, then I expressed surreal.


Overcoming the conditions of the material and of materiality, I started playing with shapes respecting a logic of the living, intending to give a life of its own to each work. the details and the textures are taken from the real living world and in order to place them in a non anthropomorphic whole. my intention is to assign to some objects and shapes aesthetic qualities that offer them an inexplicable existence due to the the living illusion that I create and its rules are canons that characterize these pieces of work, but the living shapes have no limit in my mind. I am trying to expand and release the hyper realistic trend from the handcuffs of figurative and to rephrase the stylistic expression of hyperrealism in sculpture in new volumetries, but non anthropomorphic.


Through this project that I suggest and expose in front of the public I am trying to arouse visceral reactions and one more time I bring into play a purely strong and sympathetic relationship between the viewer and the pieces of work. the attached images are able to  represent practical guidelines impossible to be ignored in the solid aesthetic proposal that I reveal.