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The drawing of Claudiu Ghermăneanu is a formal and conceptual X-ray of a world that is inner and outer in relation to the artist, configuring a graphic vision of a recognizable reality which is extremely analytical and sensitive. Starting from the elements of the plastic language – dot, line and smudge – the illustrator outlines a universe of forms that is rich in plasticity and expressivity, from the classic portrait up to the formal pulses of an abstract character.

The abstraction of the illustrator comes from a need to reduce the form and the organic to their essence, maintaining the line and dot as soloists in a visual discourse which follows the fading out of forms and their reduction to their genesis, back to the basic elements. For Claudiu Ghermăneanu, the human figure is a pretext of graphic and expressive analysis of the exterior and interior worlds of the man represented, as the process of drawing is developed towards essentiality by means of the linear expression. The chosen topics reference intimate portraits of people who are close to the artist being subjected to an extremely personal analysis in what regards the graphic approach. His drawing is sensitive and fragile, like a visual haiku. The melting away of the form into the abstract is subtly and fluidly implied, the receiver is transformed into a witness of a universe which is being configured discretely and quietly.

The artistic process of the illustrator becomes a rite of passage towards simplification for the form and line, leaving the beholder with the liberty of imagining a world of forms of their own within the enciphered graphic universe. The main element of Claudiu Ghermăneanu’s project is the portrait, broken down in an extremely rational manner to the elements of plastic language. The plastic richness and the world of volumes imagined by the artist is progressively blurred down towards the primordial stage of the form.

The human figure is captured in a contemplative posture – the illustrator becomes a fine observer of the expression of the imagined subject. Conversely to the possible interpretation of the artist using a classic and explicit manner of representation, a touch of mystery and warmth is still suggested in the chosen approach. The passing towards the matrixes formed out of lines shows the need for detachment and essentiality, contrasting with the complexity and scrupulousness of the attentively depicted figurative.

For Claudiu Ghermăneanu, drawing becomes a form of investigating reality and – at the same time – an attempt of spiritualization of the form and of its component elements, crayoning out a refined and subtle visual discourse.


Ada Muntean PhD Candidate

Curator Visual Kontakt