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Three (3), as undivided space for the reunion of 3 visions, 3 different directions, all enclosed under the same symbolical dome of the visual cue represented by the triangle, a form and reunion of space’s 3 dimensional perception, of trinity and creationism from a feminine perspective.

3 artists, 3 worlds, 3 generations, 3 continents and just as many cultures, 3 ways of acknowledging and expressing the self in regards to the world and the creator’s intimacy.

For Visual Kontakt this curatorial project is the inauguration of the new workspace in Cluj, and, moreover, it is intended to be a lasting project in exploiting the contemporary visual potential.

Consuelo Vinchira is an artist of Colombian origin who’s been living and working in Madrid for over 3 decades now. In her works, she pursues the idea of refuge, intimacy and the reference of self amidst interior and exterior space. With her particular sensibility of the materials in use, she creates projects that are just as commanding as they are sensible.

Corina Olaru, Romanian photographer, cultivates a systematic concern of the traveler in regards to the autochthonous cultural baggage and a benchmark that belongs to the spiritual interiority of nations. Her public becomes an integral part of the visual performance, a living element in generating an environment or a certain mood, a witness in creating a real cosmogony.

Mona Albaiti, an artist originally from Oman, brings along a fragment of the oriental culture through a series of visual testimonies that are personal and anachronic in relation to the triad of which they are a part of. With an exceptional refinement she succeeds in captivating an aesthetic particularity of culture that distinguishes her from the pre-existent forms of the original space.

Through its graphical cultivation and concern regarding space and its rendition from the perspective of interiority, this reunion is both differing and unitary. The force of this project consists in the essence and particularity of feminine creativity, observed from the point of view of three cultures and three generations.