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Last spring we launched the first MAZIPOS edition with 25 artists. It was a collaborative effort that followed last year’s ‘Local Municipalities’ show, and developed in what we have now: a quarterly fanzine that works as an itinerant exhibition. MAZIPOS (short for mail/zine/poster) aims to promote artists in different latitudes, utilizing their own networks with an inexpensive medium: an A2 size poster that can be displayed in a variety of contexts.

Supported by Visual Kontakt gallery and the artists themselves, MAZIPOS was presented in Banská Bystrica, Košice (Slovakia), Jalovik (Serbia) and Washington DC (USA), and after its pilot year, it is now ready for its big premiere at the gallery in Oradea!

For the celebration, we put together two more editions for a total of 75 artists/posters. We’re very pleased to have the tremendous help of the Latvian publisher Kuš! Comics. They were in charge of the selection of artists for the third edition and they will be hosting the exhibition in several Baltic countries next year.

This database of artists and their works will eventually expand and will allow users around the world to curate their own exhibition, and MAZIPOS will send the posters for free, so the artists can have their work displayed in various spaces.

2016 has proven to be a very tough battleground, both politically and economically. Many countries are looking only towards themselves, despite having better access to knowledge and other cultures than ever before. Because of this, proposals like MAZIPOS can be a beacon for their diversity and simplicity. We’re happy to contribute to the world we want to live in. Here’s to a successful project!