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I want to be a forest ranger.

I live in a small wooden house similar to den, crammed with woolen blankets, various oil paintings, thousands of picture books and of course I share it with my friends, mainly small animals which are adorable and harmless enough to become mascots – owls, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, wild pigs, deer etc. (in time some will fall into disgrace, fangs spread an unpleasant odor especially indoors).

the house is in the middle of a birch forest which, like the background would be filled with green moss, soft and mysterious (Wajda + Buñuel). I prefer the star-shaped one, light green in combination with the dense and dark shaded one. my bed is made of the same “material” covered with leaves, but  with a reading lamp at one end.

I ride a very loyal horse, which never fails to obey me and which nurtures a real affection for me. I imagine many adventurous scenarios from my daily ranger activity from which this faithful friend unexpectedly saves me. Its appearance undergoes many changes according to different imaging influences like black beauty, winnetou, the never ending story …

I fluently speak the animals’ language (see the doctor aybolit) and meet with pleasure, without fear with any of them, whether it’s a bear, deer or wolf. we have a magical relationship of respect and tacit understanding, because I defend them from the awful poachers, I’m the  forest’s protector.

When it comes to the uniform, I have no fantasy. I prefer the standard uniform, which is a symbol that gives me a certain status, especially in the eyes of the numerous enemies. I wear a hat with capercaillie feathers (which the beautiful bird itself pulled them from the tail giving them to me as a sign of appreciation), woolen leggings and a rifle.

I watch some mainstream films and documentaries that only fuel the unrealistic inclination towards a forest ranger career. I uncontrollably cry when the relocated king kong is riddled by hunting planes flown by obtuse people who seem not to understand the situation in which they, greedy human beings, obsessed with winning, had brought him. I am surprised by the gullibility that Jane shows when she thinks tarzan will give up his luxuriant world for the benefit of hot water, social life and cutlery. I dream that my hair is touched by the hands of gorillas with their metal skin such as jane goodale. I am holding mowgli’s fists so that he can stay in the jungle. I am running in harsh temperatures below zero with white fang. I strongly wish to wear bright costumes (a little bold) while I am placing my head, without a shadow of emotion and tremendous self-control in the mouth of a Bengal tiger.

Meanwhile, a taciturn gentleman is tamed by a small puppy, so smart and so belligerent with big -sized dogs. We wil later find out in the cinema that it is the same breed as the famous electronic dog.