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The graphical installation, the ready-made and the mixed technique entitled “Sold Out” incorporate, through a direct and perhaps unexpectedly frank manner, a reality as actual as possible.


The world’s suffocating city merges with the experiences that the postmodern man has in the law of economics context. Liviu Bulea reveals its creation through his multiple posts: as an artist, as a spectator and as an actor in a space in which the image is meant to upset and invade the thought and the action. These mirror-images of the human nature reflects the political and media condition and, at the same time, being fragments of an eminently salable aesthetic.


The artist is found in the situation of collecting, searching and interfering in the conceptual manner on which the complex system of the objects are promoting it under the main title “Sold Out!”

He extracts instances of some concerns that haunts the life of each of us every day that are also manifested automatically and in the end all of these get to impose to the individual’s will. We are dealing with a mass phenomenon that proliferates just like the cancer does. Sex, commercials, television and shopping take the shape of consumerism society’s remaining that overwhelms us and which self-generates like and endless mechanism. This mechanism folds of our primary needs, which enhances and transforms them into unstoppable artificial needs without which life seems to not have any other meaning.

During its path from slogan to concept, “Sold Out” is likewise a lie in which we stubbornly believe, a supplier of pseudo-experience from which mankind feeds constantly. This syndrome of contemporary obedience marks a fact i.e. the illusion of happiness is built through a real art of mass manipulation by commercial means.


Olimpia Bera, PhD.

Curator Visual Kontakt Gallery