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#OTHERSIDES – CARLOS CARMONAMEDINA - Original Art for Sale | Visual Kontakt
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The artistic and curatorial project “#OtherSides” corresponds to parts already drawn in contemporary social art.


The installation made by Carlos Camonamedina is linked both with the nature of the artistic object supported by media or with the help of the internet (animation, video, ready-mate, picture) and with its conceptual form. It is about an art in which the art’s part and senses are problematized, “played” here and now, by sharing visual information and pure empathy.


The topic is related to sharing visual experiences through the visual experience change from peripheral areas found in different parts of the world. Coincidences, similarities, analogies are simply events and are subject to artistic research.Transdisciplinarity interferes with aspects of art, being an intermediary element between two bodies at a certain distance from each other.


The object is both artistic and programmatic, found in the communication network of artists, on the one hand, between the creator and audience on the other hand. The image becomes a way of expression but it is also the expression itself.


The peripheral media correspondence is put into images, words and sound that take the shape of a gesture or a signal. The conversion transcends the real setting of a gallery being carried out as a chain of successive events that occur in the physical and the virtual. The “#OtherSides” exhibition is sequential and experimental in which the major role is assigned to simultaneous rhythms of adventurous life lived in creative environments.In terms of conceptual, art is a social mechanism. Free exchange and circulation of ideas is reflected in the dynamic shapes and often unstable shapes.


Concrete environment is no longer enough and the transition from the possible to tangible object and vice versa has the result of a “good” transferable artistic product.


Alienation and transfiguration of the art object becomes a debate theme since the free exchange’s facilities make us think of claiming art as conceptual and immaterial product.



Olimpia Bera, Ph.D

Curator Visual Kontakt Gallery