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The photography of Ştefan Bădulescu depicts an inner world in which components of the real world appear overturned in form, context and meaning. Details of day-to-day life and apparently commonplace entities are reorganized in a composition of bizarre spatial structures, like in an enciphered and strange dream.

What is left to interpret in the language of contemporary photography is the impermeable ensemble of a series of forms, the significances of which are reconfigured into an abstract language. This approach can be “read” in its entirety by means of its reduction to para-logical sequences. The visible world is transposed into an imaginary space of contemplating treacherous – sometimes even brutal – apparitions. Now, taken out of the real imagistic context, these make up the object of the surreal, of the absurd or of unexpected combinations.

The subjective coordinates that the artist proposes in these images approach another type of reality, which is conceptual par excellence. What cannot be configured into an immediate reality is reflected in the subconscious, and what is not realizable in life form becomes part of the unconscious. Some shocking fragments which defy the expectances of any beholder are part of the references of immediate reality. This time, the elements which our eye refuses to see or the events which are intentionally overlooked bear the necessary force to appear, like flashbacks accumulated throughout a prolonged imaginative adventure. The collage substitutes – technically speaking – a truthful conveyance of this aspect. Forms and objects which the artist elevates to the degree of phenomenon appear in the same organizational register through the unexpected fitting together of the material with carefully controlled spatial settings. The photograph becomes an elaborated medium in which the transpositions of the frames come to detour the archetypal sense of form.

The dream is a mixture of transitory elements which appear and disappear with random speed and frequency. The photographic sequences made by Ştefan Bădulescu are not forced to express a certain narrative coherence and do not pretend to describe a certain state of things. They are simply oneiric visions which signal – beyond space and time – the sum of our creative individualities.

Olimpia Bera PhD,

Visual Kontakt Curator