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THIS IS NOT A COOKBOOK! - Original Art for Sale | Visual Kontakt
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PogoBooks, Berlin

Artbooks • Zines • Edition-Prints




About the Exhibition


„THIS IS NOT A COOKBOOK!“  showcases a part of the collection of books published and produced by PogoBooks since its establishment in 2010. The concept of the Berlin-based independent publisher is to suggest an understanding of the art book as a space for the creation and exhibition of a work in its own right. „We believe in a future printed on paper, and conceive the printed artwork as a unique art form.“

For the past five years, PogoBooks published art books, zines and editions with an emphasis on photography, drawing and „contemporary nonsense“.

PogoBooks understands itself as part of a long and rich tradition of similar DIY projects and self-publishers. This includes offering publications at low costs to make it accessible for everyone. In this way, PogoBooks has already managed to publish over 100 titles.



The Exhibition is divided into 3 parts and a „Reading-Room“:


Part 1 „The Xerox Room“ 

The Xerox-Section shows early self-produced zines by PogoBooks in an installation of black and white Xerox prints. All zines and prints were printed on the Xerox machine that PogoBooks has been using since early 2010.


Part 2 „Photobooks Sequences“ 

The Photobook-Section shows a selection of the latest hardcover and paperback productions by Pogobooks. The focus in this room is on the sequencing and editing of the Photobooks.


Part 3 „Risograph Books by Claudio Pogo“

The Risograph-Room shows artworks and publications by Claudio Pogo printed on a risograph stencil printer. The risograph (or riso) is a printing machine that makes screen-printing and photocopying meet halfway.




About PogoBooks:


PogoBooks is an independent publishing house focused on affordable limited edition art books, zines and editions in small print runs. PogoBooks is a platform, an archive and a collective for contemporary arts and photography. The Berlin-based publishing house was founded by Claudio Pfeifer in 2010.



Claudio Pfeifer aka Claudio Pogo


Claudio Pfeifer aka Claudio Pogo, Berlin based artist, bookmaker and publisher works with mixed media, photography, riso, Xerox and screen printing. After studying photography and fine arts, he worked as a cinematographer, was the co-founder of the art-collective and label „naivsuper“, and has been running the PogoBooks publishing house since 2010.