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For Alice Iliescu the artistic challenge starts particularly in the searches she does in the field of traditional graphics. The main objective of this project is the manual multiplication techniques; the images that emerge fall within the abstract range of the gesture and the chromatic tensions.
Technically speaking, the high pattern – linocuts, woodcut – compete in successive overlapping with engraving on unconventional materials (drywall, laminated plywood) that describe the surface of the canvas. The landscape created through the engraving of the materials imprints itself on such a surface, attaining abstract compositions that synthetically combine gestures, the expressivity of the engraved depths and the texture of the less known materials recognized in the field of traditional engraving techniques.


What apparently is read as a rudimentary image of a manually processed material develops into an indispensable detail in the two-dimensional space that becomes this time the object of a rather more pictorial than graphical frame, being more spontaneous in all its complexity than focused or carefully elaborated. Therefore, the succession of pictorial plans is an overlap of highlighted areas in a generic aspect heavily textured. The nature of the wood, of the support canvas and of the other materials do not actually reveal themselves as essential structures but become a second nature and a second substance in the newly created images, thus breaking apart from the initial context.


The structures- graphims and textures- mark tensions that mainly belong to a dynamical place, this thing happening neither in a chaotic nor in a calculated way. The pictorial nature of these approaches reveal a plan in essence devoid of landscape and at the same time full of materiality, just like the drawn traces and the memory worthy of theĀ  nature of things.


The images, in the economy of the colours used, are unified and full of vitality. Even in the black and white version, they release a living energy, supported by the whole gesture of the linear routes. Successive prints in various shades argue analogously inner experiences inspired by the rhythms of the music and vaguely remind of the complicated and ephemeral order of the zen gardens.


Olimpia Bera, PhD

Visual Kontakt Curaror